Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nail Polish Conundrum

Ahh summer... The time for painted toenails.

So I've been thinking about buying a new type of nail polish. I mean, how can anything that smelly be any good for you, right? But at $18 a bottle, water-based nail color is pretty impractical. Not to mention buying over the internet makes it really hard to get a color you know you'll like.

I was reading about OPI nail polish, to see what exactly was in it and as it turns out, OPI removed the ingredients that are in most other nail polishes back in 2006. They are:

- formaldehyde
- toluene
- DBP (removed from most nail polishes in 2006, but isn't banned)

You can go to their website and click About OPI> OPI Cares to read more.

So I decided this was the best I could do until water-based polishes become less expensive (if they do). They sell OPI nail polish at Target stores, but only have about 10-15 colors. It's $8.50 a bottle. They also carry Nic's Sticks, but I haven't tried these yet.

ps. i just noticed that Suncoat is about the same price as OPI, but of course OPI has a much larger color selection.

Have a good Sunday -- stay inside where it's cool!


  1. Thats really good to know! I just found out yesterday that formaldehyde is also on tennis balls!

  2. Nic's Sticks aren't that great. Too much tends to come out at once if you accidentally over prime. Then you're stuck with overly wet nails forever. The brush on mine also got goopy fairly quickly. Also, it's less polish for the same price as a bottle.